Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Re-using has a use

There are so many interesting things which can be recycled, and so many things that can be made out of recycled materials. I made a "collection" below, quite significant for our time.

Flybussarna - the Swedish buses that take you from Stockholm to Arlanda airport - had a campaign saying that it is better to travel by bus that by car, and made an exhibition of themselves out of old cars next to the highway. An exhibition that caused traffic jam.
Corona save the beach hotel in Madrid really got the recycling concept: it is made out of 12 tons of garbage - as much as is dumped in the sea nearby.
The hotel is designed by a German artist, who also made... trash men that have traveled around the world, starting 1999 in Paris, moving to Cairo in 2002,

...Rome in 2007...

...and the Arctic in 2010! Ever polar bears came to watch. 
(This picture is greatly enlarged - hence the bad resolution.)

There was also an exhibition called House of Contamination at Italy's International
Fair of Contemporary Art in 2010. Entirely made out of litter, of course.
Shadow art of garbage, from an exhibition called "Life is rubbish" by
the British artists Tim Noble and Sue Wester.

Speaking of  wasting , if somebody did not get the message when it comes to trees,
Greenpeace is there for you.

Sometimes, you can not even tell that something has been recycled...

...while other things are more obvious, even though not immediately...
...and sometimes you indeed can tell the origin.
Circuit board cuff links are cute, though. More gadgets at Life Sufficiency
and Thegloss (gadgets suggested there have to be opened in new tabs).

Also, while the world was talking about hydrogen as fuel, designer Daizi Zheng
charged his phone with Coca-Cola...

But that does not top the idea of just rotating the phone to charge it